Our products are of very high quality
thanks to our great experience in the agricultural field.

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Quality Products

Our services are of very high quality
thanks to the efforts made.

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Who Are We

The company was founded on 6/10 2020
Founded by Mr. Oubiri Ala Eddine, its capital is 2 billion
The founder of the company has experience in the agricultural and commercial field by virtue of over 12 years in importing several countries such as India, China and Vietnam, and the ideas have always entertained the owner of the business every time he visited a factory abroad and then thought of establishing a vegetable and date production and processing unit, preserving seasonal produce and more. What encouraged the business owner to say that the birthplace region was a national leader in the production of agricultural crops and dates was a great incentive to encourage the business owner in addition to supporting the national economy and obtain permanent jobs of no less than 20 positions and seasonal positions of up to 200 workers. One of the most important goals is also to introduce Algerian products internationally. And to participate in trade fairs to hoist the national flag and gain the confidence of many companies abroad. Our objective is to satisfy our dealers and to work in continuity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our products are of premium quality because we only work with quality grains from Italy, Germany and France.

At Mido International, quality is guaranteed.

Mido International does not have a specific planting area, our products are planted in different places of the national territory.

Each product is planted in the appropriate area and land.

At Mido International the use of fertilizers is comply with international food safety standards.

We have two packing methods:

1- The standard packaging of the company.

2- Personalized packaging according to the contract with the customers.

We are sorry not to be able to specify the time of the operation because it is due to the time the order was made and the overload.

Shipping costs vary from one country to another and from one maument to another, if you want a quote do not hesitate to contact us.

The method of payment is generally made at the expense of the standards of the Algerian State and the importing country and the customer and therefore by agreement.